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Teachers Day: Teach or Learn with Ease with Osmosiss

Published on: September 05, 2021 | Category: Entreprenuship Skills | Author: Umang

A big thank you to the many tutors who spend day and night working to help their students grow. Dr. S. Radhkrishnan's birthday is celebrated on September 5 and recognized as a Teachers Day in India, and we pay tributes to him that we remember him to...

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Trustworthiness in Organisations

Published on: June 23, 2021 | Category: Entreprenuship Skills | Author: Reetika Sharma

Trustworthiness in  Organisations through Leaders Many leaders were shocked to learn that the standards of trustworthiness have risen significantly as the world’s experience of honesty and trust have descended into a free fall. The 2...

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National Reading Day

Published on: June 19, 2021 | Category: Safe World Better World | Author: Reetika Sharma

National Reading DaySince 19 July is marked as the National Reading Day in respect of the man who made Kerala, an Indian state 100%  literate. Panicker led the formation of Thiruvithaamkoor Granthasala Sangham in 1945 with 47 rural librari...

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The Ultra Right Wing leader of Israel

Published on: June 16, 2021 | Category: Around the World | Author: Reetika Sharma

The Ultra right wing  leader of Israel                           On sunday, Israel got its new Prime Minister...

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Got vaccinated , there is an offer for you

Published on: June 12, 2021 | Category: Safe World Better World | Author: Reetika Sharma

Got Vaccination  There is an offer for you Covid  vaccination incentives which companies previously offered to their employees have now been extended to customers also. To encourage people for getting vaccinated , many companies ...

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