Everything that surrounds us, influences or affects us is called our environment in which we live in. This year’s theme of world environment day is: Reimagine, Recreate and Restore. Reimagine means to re – think about the techniques of environment protection and then recreate them and making the new changes in the existing in the consumption pattern and production methods. The UN seeks the attention of investors, businesses, governments and authorities on the increasingly urgent need to restore the earth’s ecosystem.

In the year 2020 and 2021 the pandemic has already shown us that the earth really doesn't needs us. The earth seems to really enjoy the break from humans! It is us humans who have been destroying earth from ages to fulfill our greed and ignoring Eco-friendly methods.

Some methods that can be adopted for sustaining our mother earth for future generation can be :-

1. Plant small tress around you

2. Save water

3. Use cloth napkins for kitchen use other than using paper napkins

4. Showing kindness to the creatures around you

The earth has the power to heal herself very quickly and has the great ability of forgiveness. So, it's not yet late to show your love and care for the mother earth. The earth had been producing number of different species on the earth every day and many die every day. So, we as a humans should respect and take care of them.

Same like each year this year too, month of June celebrates the series of days on caring ,awarering and encouraging people about the surrounding they live in as World environment day on 5 June, World oceans day on 8 June and World rainforest day on 22 June.