Got Vaccination  There is an offer for you 

Covid  vaccination incentives which companies previously offered to their employees have now been extended to customers also.

 To encourage people for getting vaccinated , many companies have now started to provide discounts and offers for their customers who had taken their vaccination jabs .

 This initiative aims to tackle vaccine hesitancy and to reward the people who got vaccinated in India . Many companies today have started with  implementing in encouragement packages for consumers who had been vaccinated. Such as free parking, retail vouchers and discounted foods and beverages for takeaways.

What to wait now, a person vaccinated can get so much from the companies. 

 For example India's largest organised burger and fries chain McDonald's is  offering 20% discount vouchers with the tagline "Just another reason to get vaccination ASAP" 

 the beer cafe in nationwide offer gives consumers at 10% discount on their first jab 20%  to both jabs . Uber has told it's customers that they can avail rights both rupees 300 to and from vaccination centres ..

The discounts are being offered on companies' own apps rather than aggregators such as Swiggy and Zomato on deliveries.  One can even win a Tesla car on getting vaccinated for covid-19 in Hong Kong. 

Do u know what is McDonald and Tesla is offering to its customers..

Cabs , eatiers and pubs are offering much to people who are vaccinated in India.